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Contest 10: 3/12 – 3/18 Tattoo Design

03 / 12 / 18
Contest 10: 3/12 – 3/18 Tattoo Design

While we haven’t had the fortune of happening upon a perfectly-preserved, frozen Viking, historical records indicate that Vikings had tattoos. Some tales depict fierce warriors tattooed with blue ink from their fingernails to their necks.

How did they get these tattoos?

In the Middle Ages, Vikings would use wooden or bone needles to pierce their skin during the tattoo process. Often times, they’d use fire or natural dyes to refine the color that filled these prickmarks in their arms, chest, head, face, and back. These images often illustrated fierce animals and dangerous battles.

For this week’s contest, we’re inviting you to submit an original tattoo design befitting a Viking warrior. You can decide if it’s a simple arm band, chest piece, or go crazy and design a full sleeve (maybe not “wolf tattoo on the face” crazy, but feel free to channel your inner Viking warlord). The winning design may be used in Rune.

Gather up your bone needles and commence tattooing!

As always: All submitted artwork must be your own, original ideas created for the sole purpose of this contest. You must have the rights to distribute the artwork and, if selected, Human Head Studios retains the rights to the ideas and has the ability alter or edit them to fit the art needs of the game. One submission is allowed per user and must be posted to this forum thread by 11:59pm CDT on Sunday, March 19. If you’re selected as the winner, your tattoo design may be featured in the game, your name will be mentioned in the game’s credits, and you’ll live on in infamy through our social media channels. Not to mention we’ll give you an access key. Click here for official rules and submission information.

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