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How to Kill a Viking: Weapons 101

03 / 07 / 18
How to Kill a Viking: Weapons 101

How many ways to kill a Viking? Countless, really.

Sea serpents, giant wolves, dragons, and a slew of other creatures will all be joining Loki in the race to kill you. That’s not to mention all the ways the world itself will try to take you out. Before we can focus on all of that, let’s pick on someone our own size.

You will encounter many enemy humans, alive and undead, throughout your journey to end Ragnarok. Today, we look at some of the weapons that will help you overcome these foes. Let’s just hope they don’t kill you first.

In Rune, you can wield a number of traditional weapons – swords, axes, hammers, spears, and bows. Those who played the original will remember that any weapon can also be used as a projectile, which is key for strategy and badassery. This time around, throwing mechanics allow for more precision when aiming. After impaling your enemies, you can remove the weapon from their lifeless bodies for future use.



It’s important to choose the right weapon for the battle. If the goal is to remain hidden, you might need to use a long-range weapon like a bow to attack from a distance. For undead Vikings, any melee weapon will be able to get the job done, providing you’re skilled enough to use it.

Improvised weapons can work wonders in a pinch – lopping off an enemy’s limb and beating them to death with it is always formidable, in other cases, an available gardening rake might do the trick. But most of the time, it’s better to have something designed for death instead of yard work.



Hand-to-hand combat is viable as well. Fighting with fists and feet is an option, so you’re never truly weaponless. Last, but certainly not least, is your shield. While it can’t be used for offense, it is nonetheless a vital part of any armory. You can equip a shield while wielding one-handed weapons, and they are especially helpful in close-range combat.

To obtain traditional weapons, you can find them throughout the world, earn them on quests, take them from vanquished enemies, or craft them. Crafting a weapon first requires that you obtain the recipe and the necessary ingredients. Improvised weapons can be found throughout the world – just don’t try to bring an oar to an axe fight.

Strategy remains a central piece of Rune combat. When seeking, crafting, and equipping weapons, be aware of what enemies you might soon encounter. Certain weapon types, for example a fire sword, will do better against some defenses, like frost armor, than others.

As our roster of enemies grows, so will our list of weapons. Be on the lookout for more weapon information and updates. You might even see a community-named weapon pop up somewhere.

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