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Rune Fan Art Contest Winner Announced

04 / 06 / 18
Rune Fan Art Contest Winner Announced

Last week’s contest called for you to submit your best Rune fan art, and, once again, we were amazed by the quality of the entries. Our judges (also known as the dev team) have reached a consensus and we have a victor. Please raise a glass of mead to this week’s contest winner, Woods of Lore!

Their digital painting is an atmospheric ode to Rune Classic inspired by “fond memories of eating lizards and chopping heads off.” Check it out below.

Not only did Woods of Lore’s impressive piece win our judge’s approval, they also won our People’s Choice Award as well. Check out this Facebook album to see some other entries from the contest.

Woods of Lore has earned pride, glory, and an access key! Do you want to join them and our other key winners? Make sure to check the forums because our final contest is opening up this Monday!

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