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    Gather your axes, swords, and spears because we’re inviting you to play Rune…with us.
    That’s right. We’re ready for you to play Rune. You have given us great feedback on the gameplay videos we’ve posted so far. In an effort to get even more feedback, we’re inviting select members of the community to join us in our Closed Alpha Combat Tests. Our 10th episode of The Rune Recap has the details, but here’s what you need to know to get started:

    1. We’re in ALPHA. This is the very first time fans are joining us to test the game.
    2. We’re starting the test on one island.
    3. First come. First served. We will be randomly selecting users to participate in our Closed Alpha Combat Tests, but we’re limiting the number of servers available. We’ll announce via email and on Facebook when the servers will be up, but they are first come, first served, so make sure you add the playtests to your calendar.
    4. You have to be on our email list. Yes, that’s correct. The only way you can be chosen to throw down in our first Viking PvP ceremony is to be selected from our email list. Why? Well, we need to communicate with you via email and we’re looking for loyal fans who want to help us test combat. If you’ve already won a key, you will be invited to join the combat test in addition to participating in our Open World Closed Beta later this summer.
    5. You’ll get alpha and beta access. If you’re selected to help us test combat, the key you receive will also work for our Open World Closed Beta Tests later this year. So, if you aren’t able to help test combat, or you are terrible with dates and didn’t make it in before servers were full, you’ll have access to the game in closed beta, too.
    6. The test starts in May. We’re only a few weeks away from letting an exclusive group of testers experience the turmoil of Ragnarok. We’re notifying winners via email at the end of April. (So go sign up.)

    A few more public service announcements before we get to the video…
    • We’ve officially posted our last contest. Thank you for participating!
    • We’re no longer drawing key winners from Facebook. The only way to get a key in the future is to be randomly selected from our email list. (But we’d still really appreciate it if you like us on Facebook. We post fun GIFS.)

    Want the full story? Watch The Rune Recap!

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    That was the best episode yet, HHKat! I really appreciated how punchy it was, and the video with Chris narrating and demonstrating the depth of the combat did a great job fulfilling reader requests and outlining what players can expect from the game. Awesome stuff! 🙂

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      Thanks Hedy! We really appreciate the feedback on the episodes. Can’t wait to see everyone playing Rune next month!

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    Awesome news! can’t wait to see if I get to be one of the chosen.

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    Great to see things are rolling along.

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    Sounds good. Will the combat tests be subject to NDA?

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      These will be subject to NDA, we will have more details very soon!

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    I thought I had signed up on the email list before, but it let me go again so maybe I hadn’t. Anyway. I want in, if ya’ll will have me.

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      Thanks for letting us know! We will make sure you’re in the drawing.

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    isnt there going to be an alpha / beta playtest forum? id imagine sharing feedback per email is preeetty inefficient.

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      There will be private communication channels set up for these playtests.

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    Will people who were chosen before for keys be able to join the test? Or will it be a whole different group chosen? Thank you! Im really stoked guys! Thanks for the hard work.

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      It is all one big group! Everyone who has already won a key, and everyone who wins one from now on, will have access to the Combat Tests and the Closed Beta happening in the open world this summer.

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    Mal posso esperar para ver se serei escolhido!


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    ¡Noticias que alegran! Ojala pueda de disfrutar de vuestro juego.

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    For Odin! I need this!

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    Hype i think i got selcetet 😀

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    Exciting! Hope I get picked here, but either way, looking forward to seeing the progression!

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      Hey, Patrickres9! Because you already won a contest, you already have a key secured! We will send them out soon, along with more information. Keep in mind these initial Combat Tests will be first come, first serve, so make sure to pay attention to our notices for when the servers will be up.

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    System requirements for the game?

    • #3541

      We will release system requirements soon!

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    Glad I got the mail inviting me to the invitations list  XD Seriously, I had to read it twice to understand it was not the actual alpha intive 😛

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    I play rune 18 years. Would like to be part of the combat test.

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      Your name is in the list for the drawing, and we hope you get a chance to play with us! Thanks for being a long-time Rune fan!

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    Super excited for RUNE!
    The Kraken, the giants! It’s gonna be great.
    I’m a small YouTube creator and would love
    to help RUNE advertise by making a 10-15 minute
    video showing some of the features in a positive/funny
    way.  The open world concept goes perfect with the channels theme.

    Let me know!

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      Thanks RL CANNIBAL! I’ve made note of your offer, and we will let you know if something comes up.

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    Thank you very much!
    Good luck with everything on the development side
    And for the future!


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    this game looks very nice, can I try these game ?

    • #3578

      Thanks, Ragnarok21792! The original post in this thread should give you some more information about trying Rune! We are drawing random names from our mailing list, so as a member of the forums, you should be signed up – unless you unsubscribed.

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    it’s a cool project for a game, something like a warframe but in a different universe
    I hope that this game will be so good and even better than the new God of War
    I am waiting when I can play this game, I would like to record it on YT
    Greetings from Poland

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    Thank you for the key. I’m very exited to see how new Rune feels like. 🙂

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    Ive been playing Rune for 16 years. I would love to be a part of the combat test 😍

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    Thanks, all! We hope the gods grant your wishes.

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    yes, im simply pleased for participating the test ^^)

    weekends would be nice, meeth will be served XD for free for the devs, all others can pay with a limb XD

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    I hope, perhaps more than anyone, to be awarded a key. I know that I can help. The Legendary Terminus at your service.

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    terminus. why dont you play original rune. i remember you. havent seen you in years. you guys all abandoned us. dmi members  quit and everyone else followed. Decrepit still plays but the rest of you all gone forevermore. anyway, i wish i could get in as tester but i dont think they will choose me even though ive been loyal to rune since the beginning and force all my friends to buy rune in steam. drives me nuts knowing i wont get in cause rune is my all time favorite game and i really really want to be in this one from its very first opening.       But seriously!!! all you who left rune years ago but are waiting for this game…….shake the rust off and get yourselves back into valhalla now!!!! i miss you and need more victims badly!! come on now! wheres bobzilla and the lizard king and all them? latino thor still plays but an original player is scarcely ever seen. come at me with all you got. i’ll slice you to shreds with my toothpick. then maybe i’ll pick my teeth with it.

    • #3610

      Selection for testing is largely random, with the exception of contests; so I wouldn’t say we have no chances at all of getting it. Here’s the link to the current contest that ends tomorrow. Should be the easiest way of guaranteeing a spot.

      Also of interest to you, a lot of old schoolers may not play, but some are on the unofficial Rune Discord channel. You, Terminus, and every other fan should definitely join it at least.


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    Im realy glad that finaly there will be a cool Viking themed game, wich will be a online multiplayer game. Keep up the greate work you guys are doing!!

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    So maybe I had to sign up again, and so I did.
    Looking forward to add my input and help any way I can.
    Thank you for the chance!

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    Thanks, everybody! We are picking names this week for our first Combat Test, tell your friends to sign up and be on the lookout!

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    I’am Very excited about this Game, i saw a video about a gameplay footage, and i was overwhelmed by my experience with The Vikings serial, and i’m waiting for the Closed beta and Hoping i get a key to Enjoy the game you are creating, would love to Test the game first-handedly :), Continue with this Work, i am pretty sure that this will be the best project for 2018

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    Can’t wait to try this!

  • #3678

    Really hoping I win a key!

  • #3680

    it would be great if everyone could get the key who registered on the site

  • #3682

    please add a fight or some quest for / from jormungand [snakes midgard]

  • #3684

    if there are no ideas for tasks or opponents, I sincerely recommend the book entitled Norse mythology of the author Neil Gaiman

  • #3685

    is there any potential of release date or price for this game?

    • #3693

      We have not announced a date or price yet, so stay tuned.

  • #3691

    I’ve got the key today, can’t wait

  • #3692

    Thanks, all! We are so excited to play the game with everyone. Best wishes for those hoping to receive a key!

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    you could add your own houses or fortresses that could be tuned in your own way, for example, if there was any trophy from a monster, you could place a wall or a pedestal in such a house
    the second thing that would appear would be tasks based on real Nordic myths
    the third thing is that there might be trips on the rainbow bridge between the nine worlds, of course, if we put a fee for the guard of the portal.

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    Human Head posted a guide to being a great playtester:

  • #3715

    I sincerely hope that this game will be the announced game of the year and the successor of skyrim

  • #3716

    do I have any chance to play this game, so please contact me and would like to test it if I can

  • #3728

    Been checking everyday my email since i signed up, hope i get that key!

  • #3730

    I also have such hope I get

    or can I get a name for a profile ?


  • #3731

    Yeah. I want in so very bad asap. cant stop checking mail and hoping.

  • #3733

    like everyone who is here, everyone would like to test this game

  • #3734

    Do you know what hardware requirements will be?

    • #3747

      We will send hardware requirements out when we send the keys.

  • #3738

    when we get keys and when we get them will it be through email?

    • #3746

      Hi! We do a few key drawings every month. The next one will be in a few weeks. We do send those out in via email.

  • #3740

    Do you know who the best chance of winning the key, and how can you increase the chances of winning?
    I will envy the entire human head studios

    • #3745

      Hey there. The only way you can win a key is to be randomly selected during our monthly drawings. As long as you’ve signed up for our newsletter, you’re entered to win a key.

  • #3743

    How can get key? I want to join closed alpha.

    • #3744

      Hey! We’re drawing key winners every few weeks. We sent out the first round of keys this week, so we’ll do another drawing before the end of the month.

  • #3748

    I actually pray to Odin everyday that you will see fit to award TERMINUS a key. My background as an alpha tester with Origin and Blizzard, as well as my knowledge of operating systems, and computer hardware; would make my feedback meaningful to the QA team and the devs themselves. Not only will I replicate issues, I will do so in different computers to help narrow down nature of problems. I have working 10 year old system running Win 7, another about 6 years old running Win 8, and in process of building new state of the art system with two 1080 Ti (SLI) which will run Win 10 64 bit. (obviously) I could even test it on Macs if you want. I will send meaningful feedback. I don’t know what else I can say, and I’ll just hope.

  • #3756

    that good idea

  • #3758

    Goodluck all, I will be honest and say I’ve never played Rune and never heard about it but probably because I was only 10 at the time and didn’t even own a gaming system of any sort. I hope everyone enjoys the game and truly helps the game become more as well as show support to HH I’ll be buying the game as soon as I know it’s able to be pre-ordered or purchasable. Great gameplay I’ve seen so far and I hope it only gets better.

    Much love and support, Khrozt.

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    It would be nice if everyone on the rune forum were writing though somewhere in the final credits

  • #3797

    This game shows great potential. I shall keep my gaze affixed upon it. Perhaps even grace thine servers with my presence.

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    I saw that you said you won’t be giving any keys over Facebook. But i won The contest held on 8-th May and I was contacted by the official Rune page to give my email and my friend’s email. I send them and I was told we will get keys in our email. It has been 2 days since and I saw that post. So the question: Is this rule you have said in your post isn’t a thing anymore or occasionally you are going to create contests in facebook. Much love to the DEV team from me <3

  • #3837

    Hey, xIVACx! Sorry for the confusion. We will no longer be doing monthly random drawings from people who “like” our Facebook page – we will, however, hold contests and giveaways through Facebook. I hope that helps clarify things, and congratulations on winning a key!

    • #3838

      HHJames thank you for the clarify, I think this will help everyone having the same question. Regards 🙂

    • #3942

      My pleasure! See you in the playtests 😀

  • #4204

    I can’t wait for release…just playing Rune again, on top of that it’s Rune 2 PLUS getting back with the old gang from 1.0 and HoV…this is going to be epic

  • #4227

    As I am a big fan of this company, I swear by Odin that I will play it with all pleasure, and take them to the top of the gamer market, so Human Head Studios, I ask them a key, because I already played their first game there from 2000 round and became one of my favorites.

  • #4240

    Good to see you’re excited, everyone! Thanks for being here. Hope to see in the next test 🙂

  • #4295

    Hello to all I come from France, Rune classic is one of my childhood games,
    I am extremely fan of the universe you have given over time to this game and
    I would very much like to test the new Rune.

    I am very excited to play

    sorry for my English

  • #4828

    The first time in my life with a game of this genre. thank you so much for the beta announced. could be one of the choosed.

  • #4839

    Thanks for joining us on the forums, Patucha and Ragnarok22690! Make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter, and we hope Odin smiles upon you in the next key drawing.

  • #4934

    I hope Odin gonna choose me to see can i cover up my sword with blood in the combat or not. I won’t fail the Odin!

  • #4938

    The hours spent within Rune during his youth were vast. Unaware, fearing he is to late to battle to come, Kuuwahi Grabs his axes, charging full force, if the gods wish it, he will prevail.

  • #4942

    Saying Hello! hope to see u in testing!

  • #4952

    im ready

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