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    Rise, warrior. Ragnarok, the end of days, is upon you.

    Rune will enter Steam Early Access on September 19. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we will hold a 12-hour playtest this Saturday, September 1. PvP and PvE servers in the US and Europe will be live from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. CDT so you can explore Midgard to your heart’s content. Anyone who has ever held a Rune access key will be able to participate in the bloodbath.

    Patch notes will be out before the playtest. We can’t wait for you to see the updates. See you in Midgard.

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    I was wondering if anyone who has pre ordered Rune will be able to participate in the closed beta?

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      Hey VikingSmith, we can’t promise anything… but we might have a few keys lying around.

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      Thank you for fast reply. Either way i am very excited to play Rune and fight during the Ragnarök!

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    If there is one lying around I would like a beta key PLEASE! Lol I got the God Slayer edition soooo….PLEASE! lol XD Looks like fun guys can’t wait

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    Thanks HH! Finally got a Key, and the Glorious Game downloaded fine from Steam: (8.1GB) in just under 18mins…. I’ll be ready to go for this Saturday, Sept. 1st.      With GROG in Hand, I lay down me Mutton (have to free up my Mouse hand!) and we’ll be there to do some Smite’n.

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    I received the email and signed the form but cannot find where to access the key. Any information would be appreciated.

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    Would love a beta key – I have a pre-order 🙂

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    I just pre ordered the one and only God slayer edition.. But I guess I’ve read the runes wrong.

    So no beta key for pre orders? Mighty gods send me a key even if its lying on the ground covered with blood and mud.. Let me go to the battle of gooooooodsss xD I other words . Can I get a key pls.?


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    Would I get a beta key please?.


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    Hey people!

    i just watched some footage of Rune Ragnarok and would like to see if the game is as entertaining as the videos.

    maybe you guys have a key left?

    kind regards 🙂

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    je suis sur le jeu mais j’ai pas trouvé comment accédé a la partit. pouvez vous m’aidé s’il vous plait.


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    I’m on the game but I couldn’t find comment accessed to the party. Can you please help me.

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    Hello team RUNE, so i have received the key to acess the weekend the game, allready installed but i cant find any server :O

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    The mail says at 8 CDT now is 5 CDT, so still 3h left, I think is that  🙂



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      Oh i understand good sir ty for the information so only left like 3 hours , ok will wait for and will try again later

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      Some servers are filling in now w/ less than an hr to start.If you are US EC

      Can those of us chosen that want to PVP at some point fill Hel_2 and not mold into just the 1 other non PVP server

      Make you’re mark for a PVP East server


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    Thank you, but I was there at 8:00 a.m. and there were 0 servers listed.

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    I’ve already waited this morning brave man and I just retried the search for a server but nothing nor done, I still have 0 server found.
    If you could give me a server name I would recognize you;
    that Odin keeps you.

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    Where are you, Dovarick? CDT is some kind of US time. If you’re in Europe it will be closer 14.00 – 15.00 or so.

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    I am in France

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    Yeah Dovarik for us Europe players the servers will be up  at 14h / 15h .

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    Yup, I’m pretty sure that means servers will open 15.00 for you then, and remain open for 12 hours. (Until 03:00)

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    Oh well thank you for that information! I recognize you.

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    Until she enters, everything is OK, then she enters the game and receives only gray. (the gray is dark according to the time of day) I hear the sounds of motion, or sometimes I write short texts of yellow if I get something to do with it.



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      The HUD is in sight. Only the landscape does not.

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      Hey Rommel, glad we got this figured out in Discord!

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    I have a beta key but have no idea where to enter it or download the game. RIP 2nd time this has happened. Why don’t the beta key and download link of the game come in the same email.

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      Your key is for Steam.
      To Download Rune:
      Open Steam and login or create account
      Click “Add A Game +” in the bottom left
      Click “Activate A Product” and follow the onscreen instructions to use the Steam key we sent

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    Good evening, Forum!
    got my key, but i can’t access discord private section.
    there is a technical matter, that i need to discuss with participants of a test to solve it.

    please, help me.


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    I tried the Closed Alpha again today, but once the game starts, the only thing I see is a grey screen with some UI elements. Not sure what’s causing it.

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    I can’t wait for the game to come out! I’ve enjoyed playing these beta tests so of course, I had to get the God Slayer bundle. Awesome game.

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    12hrs Beta was GREAT! Will try to get some feedback to the “bug” site … as soon as I locate it. Really has me looking forward to some wonderful game play.


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    Where do we provide feedback from the gameplay?

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      Also pre-ordered myself some God-Slayer 🙂 Looking forward to sailing the misty seas

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    Muito bom o  jogo! Só sofri ao tentar usar os gráficos no baixo e por causa disso em certos momentos o jogo dava crash haha. Mas é muito envolvente, combates legais! Espero que chegue até muita gente este jogo pois tem um bom conceito. Senti falta de personagem feminina para alguma mulher que jogue e um pouco mais de customização física. De resto, muito bom

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    About Rune gameplay…

    After dying a numerous amount of times I finally achieved a level up only to lose it again upon dying as well as, all the weapons, armor, etc… that I acquired.

    Does anything get saved after you die that you can get access to the next time you re-spawn or join the game like what is placed in the chest for example and my level up that I achieved?


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      Hey there, you can use your vault to store things – this remains upon death. In the future, please direct Beta discussion to the private section of the forums the private Discord.

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    Will there be another day to beta Test the Game ? I was not able to play on Sep 1. :/ I am so hyped and thrilled for this game

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    Alpha, Beta, Omega… I am not sure if there will be another myself.

    Rune will enter Steam Early Access on September 19 and “Pre-orders are available now via the game’s official website now.”


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    We have yet announce if there will be another playtest, stay tuned 🙂

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