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    Welcome to the first Rune: Ragnarok contest of 2018. You’ve already seen our latest screenshots, so this week we’re asking you to caption one. You tell us – what’s our delicious little Gordo thinking in this picture? Best caption wins a Rune: Ragnarok beta key! You can participate on Facebook or the forums, but there can only be one winner. Post your caption on this thread to be entered to win!


    Lizards have been enlarged to show texture.


    PS – These guys from Florida don’t stand a chance against our lizards.


    Did you miss me at the hardest scene?


    15 Minutes Could Save You 15 percent or More on Car Insurance…Everyone Knows that!…Well did You Know that Mead tastes alot better than Lizards?


    “Godzilla has nothing on me.”


    My caption needs some context… Let me take you back to the introduction of the first RUNE. The first words spoken in the game are:

    “From birth the children of the north hear tales of the end of the world….RAGNAROK
    When Wolves will swallow the Sun and Moon.. When the stars will be snuffed and the world will tremble…
    When the gods will face the tribes of giants in a battle that will ravage the nine worlds”

    The part the narrator left out was that while all-father Odin has always smiled upon the human race, he has secretly beamed with an infinite love upon the lizard-folk.

    Now that RAGNAROK is upon us, Odin has seen fit that the tides be turned and that the consumed shall become the consumers..

    I like to think that ‘Gordo’ here is proclaiming that he has taken his ‘hefndir’ (Supposedly the Norse term for “revenge for one’s father”)

    My caption would then be:

    Yggdrasil may have his tail, but the lizardfolk shall have REVENGE!”


    I am the great lizard wizard, as you can see, all attemps to eat me have failed.


    “It’s my time brethren! My time to devour these fowl humanoids.”


    “If you eat me, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.”

    This was my warning.

    You should have listened.


    “Heed my call, brethren, for now is not the time to idle, but to aid the frail and weak once more to ensure a new dawn!”


    Who’s laughing now, vikings? All those songs about the end of the world, yet you were too proud to imagine death from below the waist. So remember this and remember well: Gordo is your extinction; Gordo IS RAGNAROK!


    “Touch not my skull pile, human, lest you join it.”



    “Noone left to eat me, heh?”


    “Eat, or be eaten”


    “The leaders are lizards. The people hate the lizards and the lizards rule the people.”


    I like my meat rare, i just have to kill almost every human for it to start tasting good!

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