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    In Rune, you have the ability to harvest and gather different materials to build weapons, armor, placeables (campfires), and consumables (food or runes). You can learn or receive recipes for crafting by killing enemies, exploring the world, leveling up, and completing quests. Recipes will allow you to craft items that will keep you alive, help protect you, help you fight in a battle, outfit your character, and more. You will also be able to scrap items in your inventory down to materials to then help you craft other gear.

    Current State: 
    Rune currently has a first pass on a simple version of the crafting system. You are able to craft different recipes that are acquired in a variety of ways. This is not full featured yet and we are continuing to work on expanding this system into a bigger and more important system in the game. Currently, in the beta tests players will be able to see this simple crafting system in action.

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    Крафт?????? о,черт, правда?Это не круто, ребята.2018 каждая игра имеет крафт!

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    эта игра была прохладной для его атмосферы.Его красивые окрестности, его прекрасные места, его прекрасная сюжетная линия.Лучше сосредоточиться на уровнях , чем на крафтинге.

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    Гуглопереводчик сбойнул?

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    Appreciate your thoughts. We are still focused on developing a game with atmosphere and story, and we believe that crafting will add to the immersion. It is an easy-to-use system and doesn’t get in the way of exploration or combat. Hope you’ll give it a try and see for yourself firsthand, the beta is still open and we’d love your thoughts on it: Thanks.

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    Please… not so much with crafting. For example, on Conan Exiles, it is too much… you farm wood, stones, iron … all the time, it’s boring.

    I have stopped Conan Exiles ( Age of Conan was better !)

    We need a good fight game, just a good fight game with atmosphere and story…


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