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    Rune is a large open world with many islands. There are different biomes, mountains, flat open areas, forests with giant trees, and caverns. This makes for a lot of fun just exploring and there will be benefits to exploring. You may find locations that contain one-of-a-kind armor or weapons or special recipes to craft them. We have lore stones placed all around Midgard for you to find little stories about the world, the gods, and the events of Ragnarok itself.

    Current State – 11/10/18

    Over the past few months, we have been adding a bunch of “humanity” to the game, by adding in a lot of leftover human objects like fences and horse carts, etc to give the world a sense of past inhabitants. We have also taking time to add more paths and dirt roads into the world, again to help with this idea of a world that was once thriving and alive but has been horribly damaged due to Ragnarok.

    We will continue to grow this world over the next year during our Steam Early Access period. More islands, more structures, and even building up villages and towns.

    Original Post – 9/19/18

    Our world is nearly complete for Early Access launch. We are continuing to add more “world stories” to areas, tweaking enemy type and placement, and making the world feel more “lived-in.” The world is large and there are lots of places to sail to, explore, and discover. We’re constantly looking for geometry bugs, locations where players could get stuck, fall through the world, or where collision doesn’t correctly match visuals.

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    These improvements and updates are very reassuring to hear. Looking forward to seeing how Rune’s take on Midgard evolves throughout early access.

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    Nice update, and I’d like to say the world-building team is doing a great job! Having seen the game from the very first test, it’s really cool to see the world gradually get filled in and get more details added.

    You mention adding more islands, but will that potentially mean expanding the world size past the 3×3 Km size, or will that size stay locked?

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    Thanks, both of you. Torulf – we plan to add more islands and expand that 3×3 Km size during Early Access development!

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      Great to hear the actual size will expand during EA already!


      I’ll just write up my idea for the new region I spoke to you about, James.


      So my idea for a new region is a frozen wasteland landmass in the furthest north. Uncharted, unexplored. Deadly. It will have no respawn shrines. So to travel to this region, you need to prepare yourself and/or your group accordingly, then travel there by ship.

      The landmass is a deadly place where you encounter deadlier and deadlier foes the further into the frozen realm you push, but you also gain more valuable resources and loot.

      I’m thinking the exploration might be somewhat randomized, with reduced view distance due to blizzards and icy fog. Not only deadly enemies, but you could also encounter tricky and lethal environmental hazards, such as extreme temperature, needing to scale a massive cliff with powerful icy tempests threatening to yank you off the cliff and to your down unless you take cover at the right moment, or crossing frozen rivers or lakes, needing to take care and finding the right way without breaking through and being swept under the ice, meeting a watery grave. Perhaps even while being assailed by groups of enemies.

      This would probably end up like something like an instance. So once you die and need to respawn on a different island, you can’t return and rejoin your companions unless they turn back and head back to the shore to meet you. Once you head inland into the frozen wastes, you sort of become disconnected from the rest of the world.

      This could be explained as the further you push inland into more and more deadly territory, the more you realize you are crossing the border further and further into the realm, or dimension, of Niflheim. This could open up all manner of encounters with weird landscapes, creatures, enemies and situations. It would also explain why it could well be endless.

      I see it as possibly RUNE’s version of an endless dungeon. The ultimate PvE challenge.

      Your team pushes on and needs to work together and probably share resources. When you die one by one, you scavenge the loot of your fallen brothers and need to at every point decide whether to turn around with the valuable loot your gathered from these lethal lands and make for the shore and ships, or push on into even more hardship and greater rewards, but risking a total wipe, losing not just all rare, high grade resources you found, but also ALL gear and items you brought with you!

      There’s other ideas for this, but I reckon this offers a good idea of what I’m imagining for now.

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    That is such a killer idea, Hertig. I would seriously love to see something similar in the game.

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    Cheers Hedy! 😀

    (Copy/paste from Discord to keep the ideas together)

    What I really like about these scenarios is how modular they can be, if each scenario has a few parameters and conditions that can be active or not.

    To take an extreme case;

    Scaling the cliff.

    In the easiest, most basic version, it might be a mild breeze which doesn’t interfere, and you just need to check your jumps to conquer the cliff. Basic platforming.

    In the hardest version, you might have to scale it with the erratic, icy tempests that will rip you off the cliff unless you time your cover. While giants rain boulders on you from above. And goblins pelting you with arrows from below. In a blizzard. At night. Or you can encounter the cliff with any number of these conditions active. Or with other enemies.

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