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    These are some lovely shots, James! Whoever captured them has a great eye. That last shot suggests the world detail has been given a serious facelift since the last beta test.

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    Glad you like them Hedy! I captured these. The last shot was the only one of these done in an ultra high res screenshot plugin for Unreal, but ideally this would be how a powerful machine would play at highest settings.

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      Really nice compositions, James! The ultra high-res plugin really sells the how great the game can look. The dragurs on the prowl are badass, too!

      I was wondering, do the enemies have any unique idle animations?

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      Thank you! Definitely plan to use that plugin more often.

      Yes, some enemies have unique idles. Here’s one that triggers when an enemy Einn is near a campfire.

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      Very nice! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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