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    Hello, all! We’re excited to share two big announcements.

    First off, it’s time to visit the Open World! We’re kicking off our first Open World Closed Alpha Test next week Wednesday, June 6th. European servers will be live from 2:00pm – 4:00pm CDT, and US servers will be live from 6:00pm – 8:00pm CDT. If you’re still in search of a key, sign up for our newsletter or follow our Twitter! We will do another drawing before the Open World Test and Odin’s chosen warriors will be notified via email on June 5th.

    Second, we’re doing a Facebook Live AMA! Join Project Director Chris Rhinehart on Tuesday, June 5th at 12:00pm CDT for the opportunity to ask him all of the burning Rune questions that keep you up at night. RSVP here:

    If you’re unable to make the Facebook Live event, leave your questions in this thread! We’ll try to sneak them into the AMA 🙂

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    What is the overall size of the world, in comparison of other game worlds?

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    What types of crafting systems are being implemented? Simple Gathering / crafting (click and wait) or more interactive type of crafting?

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    Will the game have a map and item editor similar to the previous one or the ability for mods in general

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    Thanks for the questions, everyone! Keep ’em coming!

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    Did you plan to let player custom their own wearing or weapon ?

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    In gameplay videos, I’ve noticed that enemy NPCs have levels. I fear that WoW-style levelling is present. I’d hate to have a level 1 vs level 20 encounter where the power difference is geometrically staggering. Honestly, I can’t stand such games. I’d much prefer a gameplay style closer to the original Rune’s multiplayer, with tiers of NPCs — to pull an example from a contemporary videogame: NPC levelling closer to Halo: CE’s blue/red/gold/ultra elites in terms of intelligence and health buffs.

    tl;dr: What is the deal with levelling in Rune: Ragnarok?

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    1. Are we going to have a riding system inside the game? if so, can we tame creatures to use them as a mount?
    2. Will there be future servers in South America?

    sorry for the spelling mistakes I do not speak fluent english

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    Will we be able to store our loot on a ship?

    When a ship sinks will there be flaoting wreckage and if so will a portion of this wreckage (probably also drown victims) wash up on islands?


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    I’m just gonna be the class clown here and ask the question I have been hearing the most in Rune Classic lately. Has anyone seen Carlos lately? There seems to be a wheres waldo game going on with Latino Thor being waldo. That’s what he gets for being in Rune for nearly 2 decades and then suddenly vanishing I guess. By Odin’s beard, there’s still good fights to be had. Hopefully he is just taking a break and is ok.

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    Will there be dynamic weather in the game, or will it be set/static for every area?

    What about day/night cycle?

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    Woo! Thanks all! We’re excited for the AMA 😀 Keep the questions coming!

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    Having played the first Rune game (including the pen and paper RPG from Atlas Games!), what changes can I expect? There are many of course, but what are the main differences from the original? And what has NOT changed?

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    How do we navigate? By the stars and sun, or some distinctive signs (shape of cliffs, split trees, beacons).Will we need to acquire maps to travel somewhere? Will there be NPCs to offer you their explorer/guide services?

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    I’m really looking forward to this AMA! Here’s a couple of questions: First, how varied will the world be visually? Are there any open-world activities unique to Rune?

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    Thanks everyone! Just under a week away now!

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    Will there be an ornament customisation to your helmets and such?

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    Will there be other elements in combat like runic/magic attacks?

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    Thanks everyone! Only one more day til the AMA!!! RSVP if you haven’t, we’re excited to get your questions answered 🙂

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    When do we get an arena mode?


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    lol i drew in a sword in my last post and it censored  it out. guess it doesn’t like keyboard artists…

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      Thanks for the question! By the way – I tried to edit your post to check what happened and I think it treated it like an HTML comment, because it’s still there in the code. Just so you know it was censored haha.

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    Will there be any zombies or dwarves as there were in the classic Rune?

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    Thanks again for the questions everyone! You can watch it on Facebook here :

    For those off Facebook, we will upload it to YouTube and the blog later this week!

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    Just watched the AMA, thank you very much for passing my questions James 🙂

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      My pleasure! We hope to do another AMA in the future so stay tuned.

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