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    Hi guys I’m new here just watched the Trailers on Steam while I was listening to the music Track Enisferum – Raised by the Sword.

    Wow this experience blows your head off xD You should take this track for an official Trailer 🙂


    Actually bought the Godslayer Edition to Suppoert this great Game Idea 🙂


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    First of all, welcome aboard!

    Secondly, we’ve done this in an earlier thread already. Feel free to post in there.


    I disagree with that being a perfect match. The tone of RUNE is much darker.

    Something like this fits better tonally.

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    Welcome and thanks for joining the forums! Appreciate the suggestions for music, we have already chosen a composer, you can learn more here: /viking-composer-dean-valentine-joins-rune-ragnarok/ These music suggestions would be cool for community-made videos at some point 🙂

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