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    Accept epic quests bestowed from the gods themselves to find and destroy Loki’s Minions and rebuild the RealmGate that will lead to Loki Himself. Take side quests and explore new islands, encounter unique enemies, and find awesome new loot to help you on your adventures.

    Current State – 11/10/18

    Our focus right now is making the first few hours of gameplay as detailed and badass as possible. We’re also working on making the game more accessible and easing a player’s transitions into the game. For the brave warriors participating in the next beta test, you’ll see HUD improvements that make it easier to see the main story quest line and better differentiate between main and side quests. The HUD improvements also include indicators for quests that you’ve received in your travels through Midgard, but haven’t interacted with yet. We are also working on better ways to give players new quests. In the last test, quests were delivered via special Stones and Beams found throughout the world. Feedback in our tests indicated that players didn’t understand or seek out the stones. This test has special Rune Sites which will bestow upon you a pack of quests at once, so you can choose which ones to accomplish and in which order.

    We will continue to refine quests, add more of them, and begin to expand the quests out to all of the various places and islands in Midgard.

    Original Post – 9/19/18
    In the beta tests, dozens of quests have been implemented, both mainline and side quests. Quests are locked behind XP levels and unlock as the player character levels up. Users may still encounter bugs with the quests, please report so the dev team can work on these issues. We are working on adding even more quests, lengthening and balancing existing quests, and adding more narrative to all quests.

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    I really love the quest texts and so on so far. They’ve already improved a fair deal since the first open world test,

    I’m not so keen on how the quests are taken on right now though, with the sort of light beam you walk up to and activate. (speaking of god quests now) Perhaps that’s just placeholder.

    What I would like to see, specifically for those god quests, is that the quests are triggered when certain criteria are met, and then the relevant god speaks to you, bestowing the quest, which you can then choose to either accept or decline.

    Say there’s that quest from Thor to slay some of those Wild Huntmen or what they were called. Instead of walking over to a random location to accept the quest and get info about it, perhaps it could instead be triggered when you encounter and kill your first Wild Huntman. Thor speaks to you and tasks you with killing some more because reasons.

    Or the quest where Thor wants you to go to a location where some guy and his warriors are shouting insults at Thor’s followers. Perhaps that can trigger automatically by Thor speaking to you whenever you get within a certain radius of the insult-shouter. Maybe there could actually be some recorded audio of someone shouting in the distance, and Thor then telling you about who that is and how he really would like you to kill him.

    I hope I’ve explained adequately what I mean. 😛

    Of course two issues I can potentially see is if the quest pops up when you’re busy with something else and it distracts you. But that could be somewhat avoided by having it only trigger when you’re not in combat, for example.

    The other issue is if you turn the quest down but change your mind later, and want to do it after all. Would you have to go through the same criteria again, or is there some way to keep track of “activated” quests, so you can easily see where they are if you want to go and accept them?


    Anyway, just some thoughts. Basically just some way to make the quests feel a little more dynamically activated.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, HT!

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    So, does this mean that we will have a chance to play not only PvP matches, but actually try the Rune SP gameplay in closed Beta? If so, that would be very much appreciated, becuase not everyone wants to play in co-op or PvP. I, for example, very much dislike co-op or multiplayer-oriented games, i always only play the SP campaign or with bots. Even in games like Quake or Unreal Tournament. And i’m not the only one like this out there, there’s plently of people who play SP only. So yeah, if this news mean that players will have a chance to try SP, well… that’s awesome!

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      Hey Copper, local/solo play is not planned for the Closed Beta. Hopefully going at it alone in a PvE server will do the trick for now. Thanks for asking!

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    Hey, thanks for the reply. That will do, yeah, but there’s no PvE servers available. I’ve tried multiple times, it’s always the same result: “No servers found”… Maybe i’m doing something wrong.

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      Yes, sorry, the servers are only open during the playtests! Here is the 2018 playtest schedule: /rune-roadmap/beta-schedule/

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