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    “Rebuild the world, empower your god, become more powerful”

    You can control the world for your god and your clan. When a player, a set of god aligned players, or a set of clan aligned players gain ownership over a set of rebuildable structures and objects in an area of the world, they will gain control of that area. They will increase their health and damage of all players that are similarly aligned to god or clan or both. Clan or god aligned players can try to dominate the entire world on a server.

    Gaining control of the world and keeping it are two very different things. Keeping control of an area will mean defending it from other players, the hard Ragnarok weather, and the other gods who want their followers to gain control of your area. It will be a hard fight to retain your ownership. The challenge is to fight to retain your areas while you fight to gain new areas. It’s a full-on Viking battle for the world during Ragnarok.

    Current State – 11/10/18

    We are currently working on the ownership portion of this feature.  Once we are finished with that, we will be working on damage states for the longhouses and what this looks like and how it will work.  After that, we will be working on areas and regions of the world, so that god alignment will play a factor into the claiming of a region.

    The clan part of this will come later, likely once we enter into Early Access. We will need to update and improve the clan system we have in the game right now to be more robust to help with this feature.

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    This is a very cool feature, and it’s easy to see how that will encourage clans and pvp!

    Even if you don’t feel like taking over an enemy clan’s territory, staging raids to raze and pillage their settlements would clearly be fun to do anyway and probably advantageous to you.

    I’d like to see some kind of pillage system. I mentioned elsewhere a while ago that it would be cool with large objects like chests, barrels etc which can be picked up and carried. Too big to fit in inventory, and you need to physically carry it on your shoulder, preventing use of weapon and slowing you down a bit, maybe even constantly draining stamina as long as it’s held.

    Say a clan holds a village, and they prosper. They upgrade everything, have plenty of resources, a happy, empowered god and whatnot. It would be awesome if the village would begin spawning pillage objects, that sort of act as a visual gauge to how rich you are. Storage chests, food crates, mead barrels. Stuff like that that may not have any actual use in and of themselves but add to the visual richness of the village.

    Then, if an enemy clan stages a raid, these objects can be stolen and carted off to their own village. When they bring the objects inside their own village borders, they are then “absorbed” into your own village’s richness, giving you more resources, and most probably a favor boost with your god. The most interesting things with these pillageables being physical items is that you need to bring them to your own hold. Either by carrying all the way or load onto ships. The clan that was raided might be given markers by their god or something (could be a perk granted after your god is empowered to a certain point) as to where their pillageables are on the map, so they can try to hunt the raiders down and reclaim their goods.

    Perhaps raiding villages with an enemy patron god, say, Loki followers raiding an Odin settlement, would give you more favor. Raiding friendly gods or villages worshipping the same god might even result it losing favor, potentially.

    I know budget and manpower is a huge factor in how much this feature can be expanded, but it certainly holds a LOT of potential!

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    Thanks for the suggestions Torulf! Agreed – lots of potential. We’re excited to expand on the system in the coming months!

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