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Weapon Naming Contest Winner Announced

03 / 09 / 18
Weapon Naming Contest Winner Announced

Last week’s contest asked you to submit an original name for one of our many instruments of death. There were plenty of awesome weapon names submitted and, once again, it was tough for our judges (also known as the development team) to agree upon a winner.

Break out your mead steins and make a toast to our newest victor…forum user Maverick with the idea for a spear named Valkyrie’s Judgement.

For those not familiar with these badass maidens, Valkyries transported those who died bravely in battle to Valhalla to spend their afterlife preparing for Ragnarok with Odin. Norse legends also credit the Valkyries with deciding which Vikings lived to fight another battle and which did not. These heroines held the power to preserve and take the lives of Vikings on land and sea. So, it seems this weapon is fitting for whom Maverick refers to as “birds of prey dispensing supreme judgement” during Viking battles.

Maverick will receive an access key (when they’re ready) and bragging rights for the rest of their Viking days. Valkyrie’s Judgement may become a playable weapon in Rune as well!

Keep an eye out on the forums for more contests, we have one opening every other Monday.

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